Why choosing Imas

Customized drawing and flexibility: the strong point of IMAS solutions
Imastransfer: the maximum expression of our design capability

Double-setting machining on Imastransfer

A modern transfer machine, designed for mass production, has to be equipped with the right degree of flexibility to satisfy the Customer’s needs. Our special design machine line IMASTRANSFER meets these requirements


Imasflex a production solution wich never goes obsolete

How long will the production plan of a workpiece be? In many cases it is not enough to have a transfer machine which has been specially designed for a workpiece, for a homogeneous family or even for a group of completely different parts. You need full production flexibility, meaning the possibility of reconfiguring the machine at any given moment in order to machine workpieces which may be completely different from the ones for which it was originally designed and for which the machine was purchased. IMASFLEX is the ideal solution for a transfer which will never become obsolete.