Are transfer machines more expensive than other solutions ?
In terms of workpiece cost, a flexible transfer machine like IMASFLEX is almost always significantly more economical than an FMS, while a special design transfer machine like IMASTRANSFER is simply unbeatable for high production machinings.


Can they only be used if you need to produce very large quantities?

Not necessarily, it depends on the complexity of the workpiece and therefore on the cycle time. IMASFLEX is the ideal machine for producing medium quantities of even very different workpieces.

Is it true that transfer machines are not flexible ?
Absolutely not! This is linked to the old idea of a transfer machine being simply a production machine. With IMASFLEX you can machine even completely different workpieces with the same module configuration.


Is it true that changeovers are not possible ?
Absolutely not: as the name suggests, the main advantage of IMASFLEX is precisely its flexibility. In fact, production changeovers are perfectly feasible, and that also implies great technological longevity.


Are transfer machines difficult to manage ?
IMASTRANSFER is particularly easy to handle and IMASFLEX is extremely user-friendly, thanks also to numerical controls with personalized Windows interface, that allows the user to manage not only different part programs, but also production batches, troubleshooting, tool life and scheduled maintenance. Compared to an FMS, there is the important advantage of centrally managed functions: form utilities (electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, coolant filtering, etc.) up to automatic load-unload.


Can the investment be split ?
Sure: IMAS machines allow you to add new modules gradually, as your production requirements increase.


Are production changes lengthy procedures ?
All IMASFLEX are optimised for a quick and trouble-free change of production. The high availability of tools allows, in most cases, to keep on-board all the necessary tools for different productions. Even when a complete replacement of fixture is required, we provide for quick-coupling devices that can be easily replaced thanks also to off-station table positioning, allowed by CNC rotary table. Advanced automatic systems for clamping fixture replacement are also available.


In the event of a failure, does the machine stop completely ?
Thanks to advanced functions, like satellite recognition, the numerical control is able to exclude the damaged module, and production can proceed, performing some operations on other machines in order to complete the machinings. Production only comes to a standstill in the case of failures on critical components, such as the table, which are, however, extremely reliable and long-lasting.
Can I machine parts starting form bars ?
IMASFLEX and its user interface are designed for a full integration with bar feeder and numeric-control cut-off station. Also IMASTRANSFER can be easily interfaced with bar feeder. In both cases, Imas provides for the complete system, so you can obtain a complete workpiece from a bar cut. It’s also possible to include further machining stations after the cut-off and before loading the part on the rotary stage, to perform operations on sides that would be hidden by the clamping fixture.


Can I perform turning operations ?
By means of a special expanding spindle, that can be fitted on all our machines, you can realize grooves or even complex surfaces without interpolation, so fast and accurate turning is made possible. Moreover, IMASFLEX 150 is equipped in each station with a rotating satellite that acts exactly as a lathe, increasing the overall flexibility to unprecedented levels.