Flexible and Special-Purpose Rotary Table Transfer Machines
Our machines  
IMASFLEX 150: high flexibility and reconfigurability,
on-board turning, very low change-over times,
workpiece size up to to….
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 A good product is not enough.
In order to contribute to the efficiency of a modern production unit for medium-high volumes, a supplier of sophisticated and complex top-class transfer machines must be able to satisfy a variety of sometimes conflicting requirements, such as cost saving, modularity, precision, reliability, ease of use and durability, while at the same time appreciating all these factors in the light of mechanical and technical obsolescence as well. IMAS distinguishes itself in this field, because we always try to identify with the Customer’s needs and to come up with the very best technical solution. The result is a production system proposal that often goes beyond the traditional concept of transfer and which, in conclusion, enables the Customer to greatly reduce his part production costs.

IMASFLEX 300: high flexibility and re-configurability, parametric design for workpiece size up to….
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 IMASTRANSFER: enables Customers to optimize the production of a workpiece or of a workpiece family….
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