1948– Establishment of I.M.A.S. as internal division of a well-known manufacturer of Automotive components, to the purpose of developing a cost-effective solution for mass production of complex and precise metal parts.

1951 – IMAS starts the commercialization all over the world of its rotary table transfer machines.

60s/70s – Strong development of international sales (Europe, America, Brazil).

1987 – IMAS is one more time ahead, introducing the first transfer machine with NC units.

1992 – Advent of IMASFLEX, revolutionary fully flexible and re-configurable transfer.

2000 – IMAS releases IMASFLEX 150, advanced multi-tasking machining system with the productivity of a dedicated transfer machine.

2004 – The HFT “concept model” creates the base for the development of hybrid solutions, capable to guarantee the production flexibility beyond the purely “geometric” one, with a significant reduction or even zeroing of the set-up times.

2011 – A brand new version of our popular IMASFLEX 300 is launched: IMASFLEX 300V Largest axis travel, Torque drive for satellites and astonishing dynamic performance are just some of its key features.

2016 – IMAS joins worldwide machine tool player FFG and takes the name of Industria Meccanica Applicazioni Speciali. Quality and innovation now match the power of an international group.

The first machines

The first machines
First headquarters

First headquarters

The advent of CNC

The advent of CNC:
three-axis module. The CNC motors come true:
Imas realizes its first three-axis CNC module.