It includes 2 basic models:
Inside Imasflex 300

Inside Imasflex 150
IMASFLEX 150:high flexibility and re-configurability, on-board turning, very low change-over times, workpiece size up to 150 mm. It is ideal to machine small workpieces, even in low batches.

Inside Imasflex 300

Inside Imasflex 300V
IMASFLEX 300:high flexibility and re-configurability, parametric design for workpiece size up to 600 mm. Perfect for Automotive components with strict tolerance and repeatability requirement.


  • 3-axis machining module (X, Y and Z), A or B axis for satellite, CNC position-controlled spindle.
  • Rotating satellite to perform turning operations.
  • Triple-Hirth-gear or Torque CNC drive for satellites.
  • Modules configurable with both vertical or horizontal spindles
  • Latest generation Fanuc numerical control
  • “Satellite recognition” function for an independent use of the machining modules
  • Special IMAS INTERCEPTOR software package for easy production batches management.
  • Special prismatic guides with high rigidity and low wear
  • “Satellite recognition” function for zeroing the offset via software
  • High indexing precision table and satellites with NC drive and triple Hirth gear or with patented mechanical system
  • All the spindles can support coolant through the tool
  • Linear encoders for back-fed axis correction
  • Electronically adjustable clamping pressure: any value between 10 to 100% of the nominal value can be programmed station by station and for the desired time.
  • Up to 18 simultaneous operations
  • Up to 3 spindles working at a time on the part
  • Special-design heads for best cycle balancing and lowest cycle time.
  • Possibility of rotating the clamping fixture in ghost time
  • High-speed table and turret head rotation
  • Optimization of the approaching and return tool paths
  • Easy and quick tool replacement
  • Possibility of positioning the table outside the station for easy and quick clamping fixture change-over
  • Structure dimensioning and simulation of the dynamic frequency response through advanced FEM techniques
  • Mechanical uncoupling of modules and table for maximum isolation against vibrations
  • Wide use of high-quality cast iron for modules and heads
  • Full machine sound dampening
  • Portable panels with semi-wireless or wireless solution for easy in-place manual operations, trials and testing.
  • Special anti-slipping floor
  • Three-stage, closed-circuit coolant system
  • Mist extraction and collection system
  • Possibility of MQL
  • Spindle bearings pressurized in order to prevent contamination from coolant
  • Low contact pressure on the prismatic guides
  • Wide operation space around the modules
  • Grouped and protected electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic circuits
  • Coolant gathering tank on wheels for easy cleaning
  • Special IMAS INTERCEPTOR package for advanced diagnostics and LAN/WAN troubleshooting
  • Pre-arrangement for remote control via LAN or modem